Exo Kayaks Zion Slalom - A River Running Marvel!

Exo Kayaks Zion Slalom - A River Running Marvel!

The Exo Kayaks Zion Slalom is a river runner like no other! Its hull is narrow and fast with lots of rocker at the front and flat square tail.

The narrowness of the boat allows us paddlers to reach the water with ease and get lots of leverage with our paddle strokes.

The rocker on this kayak is huge! It boofs and skips over river features with smoothness and ease.

The really unique aspect of this kayak is the hull. Underneath you it’s, round and smooth which gives a loose and forgiving fast and smooth feel. Which is akin to a rounder bottomed creek boat and like the previous Exo kayaks Rexy.

The front of the kayak has loads of long rocker which lifts over features really nicely for a high and dry bow. The keel on the bow of the boat grips the water and helps you maintain direction when you’re lifting over drops and powering through features.

When the rocker of the boat lifts the bow up, that helps engage the stern. That’s where the flat hull and aggressive edges grip the water and give you masses of control for downriver speed.

Unlike most other half slice kayaks, it’s not the easiest to pull a massive vertical tail squirt. But what you get is a great river runner for paddling with style, speed and control.

We have two size, Small and Large, they’re both in stock in various colours and available at our store within the lee valley whitewater centre.

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