Level Six Whitewater Spraydecks

Level Six Whitewater Spraydecks

There’s a big hole in your kayak, where lots of water can come in! When we’re kayaking we use spraydecks to keep the water out.

When we’re whitewater kayaking, we use neoprene spray decks because they fit snuggly around the cockpit, are warm and waterproof.

We’ve been selling Level Six Spraydecks for years and have been very impressed by their, strength, style and longevity. The 2 most popular Level Six spraydecks we stock are the Ace and the Jack.

Level Six Ace

Level Six Jack

The Level Six Jack is made from thick durable neoprene, with a rough, tough outer reinforcement and a print on the underside to grip to your cockpit rim and keep the spraydeck in place. The strong bungee around the edge is really stretchy so it fits snug and tight around your cockpit. Jack has a tough pull cord stitched in so you can pull your deck off if you do take a swim. The waist tube on the Level Six Jack is the same thick material as the deck itself. It has a print on the top which helps it grip to your cag or your torso to stop sliding around too much. The Level Six Jack is a nice strong tough and stretchy which will fit most people and most kayaks.

Over the years randed decks have become really popular due to lots of the professional paddlers and expedition paddlers wanting to paddle down harder rapids with more volume and more pressure on the deck. A rubber rand is a thicker, stronger and tougher material which grips to the cockpit and holds the deck in place, even under lots of pressure. A randed deck is generally a bit harder to get on your kayak than a bungee but when on, it’s not coming off unless you want it to.

The Level Six ace has a thick rand which is stitched on to the deck. The Level Six also has a Kevlar reinforced outer which is really abrasion resistant and tough. It has a nice strong pull cord to pull it off if you need it too quickly. The neoprene is thick, strong, tough, warm, dry and comfortable.

The Level Six spray decks are available in different waist sizes from extra small to double extra large. They also do a few different cockpit sizes which fit some different kayaks. Have a look at our website and check out the different sizes or pop into the shop and try them on you and your boat.

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