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Pyranha Kayaks

Brass Centred Wingnuts

Brass Centred Wingnuts

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Has your friend borrowed your boat, adjusted all your outfitting and lost your footrest nuts? Fear not, you can send them to this page and demand they buy you some shiny new ones!

A loose footrest not only ruins your connectivity and control of the kayak, but can also be dangerous if you hit a rock hard with the bow or get pinned, so it's always worth replacing any lost nuts and carrying a few spare ones in your repair kit.

- Available in 6mm; 6mm fits all current Pyranha kayaks, 8mm will fit most pre-2009 Pyranha kayaks. - these are available to order, please call us for details
- Durable and corrosion resistant plastic/brass construction.
- Easy-grip shape to make adjustment easy.

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