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Pyranha Firecracker Sizes
Pyranha Firecracker Colours 2024
The Firecracker is a compact half-slice to whip into every micro-eddy, snap onto every wave, and get vertical absolutely everywhere – no matter who you are, you’ll be able to throw this around, sky-gaze, and have the comfort and confidence to nail that new move. Being shorter than most other half slices, its really playful and great to tail squirt and surf. The extra width in comparison to the Pyranha Ripper kayak, it's smooth and comfortable to paddle all day long on the river!

Pyranha Firecracker Key Features:

  • Compact and lightweight half-slice design
  • Half the size means twice the potential for getting airborne!
  • Spinnable, surfable, stable planing hull
  • A bow that stays dry downriver, but you can still get down and party with
  • Enjoy explosive moments of fun and relax without consequence between them
  • Don't just unlock the river, blow the doors off

Pyranha Firecracker Sizing Information

Sizes 232 242 252
Length 232cm / 7' 8" 242cm / 7' 11" 252cm / 8' 3"
Width 63cm / 25" 66cm / 26" 70cm / 27.5"
External Cockpit Length 91cm / 36" 91.5cm / 36" 91.5cm / 36"
External Cockpit Width 52cm / 20.5" 52cm / 20.5" 52cm / 20.5"
Volume 235l  259l 287l 
Weight 18kg  19kg  21kg 
Optimum Paddler Weight 40-65kg  60-90kg 80-130kg 


Pyranha Firecracker Outfitting

The Firecracker is available with the Stout2 Outfitting. This is very comfortable and adjustable. Watch Above&Below's video on how to work with the Stout2 outfitting to gain the most connectivity and maximize your comfort and control on the river. 

Matt's Firecracker Review here:.

Pyranha Firecracker Review

For many people, whitewater kayaking is about putting yourself in a situation where you’re raising excitement levels and slightly out of your comfort zone. As you push yourself further and gain accomplishments for your successes, you gain a euphoric state and adrenaline.

With whitewater river running, for a lot of experienced paddlers and “pros” the bar has been constantly raised over the last decade or so and paddlers have always asked, how big can we go? How much further can we push the boundaries of our sports and equipment? I think back to the guys from River Roots, with the likes of Rush Sturges and Tyler Bradt running big drops! Everything was going bigger and safer, boats were getting bigger rocker with higher volume, so people were able to paddle on rivers that were maybe higher up their comfort zone or above their ability level. Creek boats have become more forgiving and easier to paddle.

But not everyone paddles grade 4 or class 5 whitewater every weekend. We see lots of people on local rivers and whitewater centres enjoying a club atmosphere. There’s now become a big fashion for Half Slices.

What is a Half slice Kayak?

The half slice has been really popular over the past few years. That idea of running a river and stopping and playing at different points has become really popular. It’s a lot of fun to jump in a half slice kayak and spin, surf and tailie your way down the river. Lots of half slice kayaks have been very long and fast, but some lack the ability to play.

Why is The Pyranha Firecracker a different kayak to the rest?

The Pyranha Firecracker is a shorter half slice at about 8 foot long. It surfs beautifully and stands up vertically like nothing we’ve had before. It’s stable, comfortable and smooth to paddle downriver. Because of its width, it has stability and because of the high knee position and depth at the front its comfortable for people to sit in and paddle. It sits on a wave beautifully. There’s some waves here at Lee Valley that you hop in a Firecracker and the boat sits in that pocket and can surf all day long.

What do the Pyranha Firecracker Sizes mean?

The sizes are 232, 242 and 252. 232 is for the smaller person, 252 is a “big boys” boat and the 242 is for the medium sized paddler. Lots of people have tried the Firecracker, everyone that’s been in it has had a smile on their face. Whether they are an experienced pro paddler or freestyle enthusiast, or someone trying a half slice for the first time, they’ve really enjoyed paddling it. We have one of every size here at Lee valley to demo if you want to demo one get in touch.

Pyranha Firecracker Highlights

Firecracker Testimonials:

Zach - Norwich

The Firecracker is really fun to paddle, I sold my Zion kayak to be able to paddle this one more. 

James - North London

After trying the demo firecracker a few times, i just had to order my own. Its so stable, but great for tailies whenever i want. 

Sarah - Essex 

I used to  paddle a Pyranha Ripper, the firecracker is so much better & Matt at Above & Below was so thorough & helpful, he made sure i not only got the kayak i needed, but made sure it was outfitted, tailored & i got the best from it. 

Why buy a Firecracker from Above & Below Kayak?

Matt has been paddling playboats and half slice kayaks on whitewater for 30 years, we opened the Above & Below shop at Lee Valley White Water Centre in 2012, which was also the year they hosted the 2012 Olympics. Matt has used his 30 years of experience in the Kayaking world applying his knowledge and understanding of the shapes, styles and sizes. He has picked the Pyranha Firecracker as his current weapon of choice!

We have the full size range of demos available to try at Lee Valley Whitewater Centre, and expert paddlers on hand to help you find the right size for you.

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