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Glass Creeker Carbon Straight

Glass Creeker Carbon Straight

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The Creeker whitewater kayak paddle blade is designed to be a great all-round paddle that is smooth and well balanced.

The glass blades are tough and hard-wearing and are a great match for those paddling on the harsh UK rivers and those who are still learning.

Available here on a straight carbon shaft which offers a stiffer set up allowing more direct power transfer - this suit’s kayakers who are racing or more conditioned.

The blades area is neutrally aligned either side of the dihedral with the area being well distributed along both the length and width of the blade.

This suits a wide range of kayak paddlers from beginners, to river runners, hardcore creek boaters and those paddling 'day in and day out' working in the kayak industry.

The Creeker kayak paddle blade suits longer lengths used in 'mid to longer length' river runners and creeke boats and those looking for a blade less powerful than our Pro whitewater paddle range.

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