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Pyranha Kayaks

Ratchet Buckles

Ratchet Buckles

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Backrest adjustment in a kayak is key to performance and comfort, and ratchets make that adjustment simple, easy and solid - even when you're sat in an eddy.

If your ratchets have broken or corroded, or you want to upgrade a boat with a non-ratchet backband, then these will suit most recent models of Pyranha kayaks. Made entirely from anodised aluminium, stainless steel and plastic components, our latest ratchets are highly corrosion resistant, even when subjected to harsh salt water (we use the same ratchets on our P&H range of sea kayaks).

- Supplied in pairs with all fittings
- 100% corrosion resistant construction
- High strength metal design
- Easily visible red release latch
- Spring loaded to maintain low profile when not in use
- Compatible with most plastic ratchet strips
- Will fit most models of Pyranha kayaks

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